Health Highlights: Common Illnesses That Affect Men

Health Highlights: Common Illnesses That Affect Men

Men like their women counterpart are also susceptible to illnesses. It is a well-known fact that a man is at a higher risk of dying from the same condition as their women counterpart. One of the popular misconceptions that are usually propagated by most men is that they are invisible. This means that a man will rarely go for a checkup so as not to be seen as weak. It also means that he is likely to suffer from a given condition in silence just because he doesn’t want to seek medical help. Below are some of the most prevalent illnesses that affect most men today:

Heart Problems

Of all the illnesses in the list, the heart condition is usually the one on top of the list. There are many men out there who are suffering from heart and other related problems. Cardiovascular diseases are more common nowadays due to the increased exposure risks from the fatty food that people eat.

Another reason is due to the reduced exercise. Most men nowadays no longer exercise which means that their bodies are getting weaker by the day. This also causes accumulation of the ingested fat in blood vessels which leads to increased risk of heart failure.

heart problem

Prostate Cancer

This is another disease that most men do not like talking about yet it is a silent killer among them. This cancer has taken scores of lives and will continue to take more unless something is done. Men above the age of 40 are encouraged to take this test at least once every year. It is a severe disease and the ability to fight it lies in early diagnosis.

It is for this reason that it is advisable that men do not ignore any symptom that they observe as it may be an indication that all is not right. One should always visit the hospital and test for this illness as it is quite serious if left unattended.

Respiratory Problems

This is usually common in those men who like smoking. Tobacco contains poisonous substances that increase the risk of suffering from respiratory conditions. Men who smoke are more exposed to these diseases than those who don’t.

A more serious risk is the lung cancer that is quite common in the chain smokers. It is, therefore, recommended that people avoid smoking at all costs. Other than the lung cancer, another illness that may come in is asthma.

respiratory problems


The above are some of the many illnesses that most men suffer from. It is usually recommended for one to regularly do health checkups as a way of ensuring that their bodies are healthy.