Non-Surgical Ways to Treat Hernia

Non-Surgical Ways to Treat Hernia

It will make you a bit worried when you know that approximately 30% of men go through a lifetime pain after they got groin hernia surgery. As my friend Richard said: “Since two of my colleagues were suffering, I decided not to go through the hernia operation.” Fortunately, Richard only had a small hernia, and his doctors did not pressure him to have the operation immediately. Still, they warned him that it would get worse and that surgery would be necessary.

Richard decided that he would try to do something about the situation. He changed his diet plan and started an exercise program with a hernia support workout garment. He also found a non-surgery hernia treatment program on the internet. With lots of dedication, his hernia healed within six months even without operation.

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Herniabible System

The program Richard found on the Internet is popularly known as the Herniabible System. It’s quite simple. It is based on doing the appropriate exercises while keeping the hernia in all the time. To do that, it will require you more than just an old truss. Some cheerful yet inexpensive versions have curved pads that help keep your abdomen open. And that’s not what you would want because it needs to fill the edges of the gap for it to get cured.

The hernia belt, such as colostomy hernia belts, is well supported by ligatures, straps, and slides. You will need to use a hernia support device with flat pads and make sure that the hernia always remains in tack (even when you ride a bike or play soccer).

Foods for Hernia

The Herniabible system has a diet that’s all about controlling your pain when the hernia acts up through consuming fresh vegetables and fruits and rich in fiber foods but not overloading your intestines. You need to absorb enough vitamin C, zinc, and others that are good for the skin and muscles as weak collagen is only one reason why a hernia occurs.

Exercises for Hernia

It is certainly advantageous to do the appropriate exercises to support the natural healing of the hernia without surgery. These exercises should be directed to the corresponding muscles, i.e., the core muscles, such as the transverse abdominal muscles, which are located under the six-pack. Pilates exercises are very suitable for this purpose. Avoid exercises that develop the abdominal muscles as it is not helpful for healing hernia.

You will probably find more information about using herbs such as hawthorn, which can help control swelling, or Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan, which can help strengthen collagen, but these won’t work by themselves. It would be best if you did the other stuff too. There are also false programs that seem very legitimate found on the Internet, so be careful about that.